Electroluminescent lighting

To put it simply EL lamps or high field electroluminescent lamps use electric current directly through a phosphor to make light. Unlike most lamps, they can be shaped to be extremely flat, or in narrow wire-like shapes. Electroluminescence or EL is the non-thermal conversion of electrical energy into light energy. It can be used in a wide variety of applications—vehicle and structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting , toys, clothing etc.

Christmas lights are often used. Several panel sizes are stocke custom sizes, shapes, and colors are available.

Long lasting, high quality electroluminescent lighting and glow wire products at the lowest possible prices. This Paper light ( EL panel) is a flexible plastic sheet which contains a phosphor layer and lights up with a neon-like glow when the proper voltage is applied. EL displays and lamps, they use phosphors directly excited by current to create light.

Characteristics, features and benefits of using electroluminescent technology available. Low operating temperature – EL is a cold lighting source and does not . Spectex is an exclusive converter and distributor of electroluminescent lighting including both electroluminescent lights and flexible electroluminescent lights , . Seamlessly cover any surface without the need for diffusion. FREE Worldwide Delivery Available. An alternating voltage is applied .

See our shopping cart, ships from USA. EL lamps provide efficient, cost effective lighting due to low power . The Advense electroluminescent ( EL ) technology is a captivating light source that revolutionizes the way products evolve and targeted messages reach the . EL Lamp can be the best choice for the uniform lighting of Key Board. With the narrow space that Keyboard requeste EL sheet have advantage of its thickness. You can make custom light -up shapes with some scissors and an electroluminescent panel. Put a pin on the back for a flashy new accessory.

The EL light strips will not produce reflections or glare when mounted . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . There are many ways you can trick out your robot with light effects. Here are a few ideas: Using electroluminescent ( EL ) wire, fiber optics, and . The authority on electroluminescent ( EL ) lighting technology. Technomark is your EL source. DuPont is a leading provider of thick film materials for electroluminescent lighting applications. In this work, the Ag electrode thickness on printed lighting was successfully reduced.

EL wire lights ( electroluminescent lights ) are battery-operate lighted wires that emit a spectacular colorful glow. They are available in a rainbow-like assortment. Imagine a light source thin enough to wear on a .

Electro luminescent ( EL ) light is technically described as a Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC). EL lamp has many benefits including being thin, flexible, cool and . A novel, electroluminescent device concept that can emit light in response to the accumulation and distribution of materials on the device .